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More translation transcripts: "Tanabata", "Nyota Ni-ni", and "Konnichiwa to Our Baby"

Here are three comics, translated by me. There's probably some errors in the translation so don't take these as word of God. Make sure you have a account if you want to view these.

Title: Tanabata
Artist: (み´▽`ぐ) ???
Rating: PG
Warning: Kissing
Summary: Yao and Kiku make tanabata wishes, and fluff happens.

Yao: Kiku, what did you write?
Paper: |Household Peace and Prosperity
And Sound Health|
Yao: That's not a very interesting one…
Kiku: No. My favorite is over here.
(I want Miku as my wife - Honda Kiku)
Yao: (Your wish?)

Kiku: Yao-san, what did you write?
Yao: "I want a Kitty-chan"
Kiku: …. (Didn't I give you one recently?)
Yao: And your wish wasn't very cute!
You should write "I want to be always by Ni-ni's side <3"
Kiku: Wait…
Please don't "improve" my wish as you please.
Yao: Ah, Aiyaaa…Kiku is cold-hearted!
Feelings of regret*

*this is probably some kind of Japanese meme related to how the Japanese government has dealt with apologies to offended parties i.e. Korea and China.

Yao: I went on this trip for you, and yet you're acting this way!
Kiku: Sigh…I have no memory of asking you to come along.
Yao: Aiya! You're nooot cute!
Kiku: But in general this isn't necessary and…
Yao: Is it that you don't want to be with me?

Kiku: Yao-sa ---
Yao: Well…Kiku…I don't know!
(paper: I want [to be called] "Gege")
Kiku: (Good grief)

It's not written on the strip of paper, but I'll be by your side…

*heads whip back*

Yao: Ah, aiyah…
Once more, say it once more please!
Kiku: N…no I will not!
Yao: Kikuuuuuuu!

Kiku: Excuse me…

|I…Yao-san…I truly…|

|I want there to never come a day when I do not want you by my side.|

|Of course…|

|I won't say it in front of you.|

Yao: Kiku! I like you very much! <3
{C}Kiku: I understand, but please get off me.
(Ah, these words again)

I can't handle your body on me…
|He's enduring|

Title: Nyota Ni-ni
Artist: Megane Inu
Rating: PG
Warning: Implications of whoopee with hesitation on Yao's part.
Summary: Yao gets boobs. Things happen.

Ni-ni has turned into a girl!

Arthur: Seriously?
Yao: Seriously = ='
You're saying it's not the work of Britannia Angel this time?

(First of all)


>A sleeping lion awoke!

Grave Marker: Arthur

>Yao returned to Kiku for help!

Yao: Kikuuuuu! I turned into a woman! >口<
Kiku: (mountains…)

So, shall we make babies?
Please bear me a healthy child, won't you? ^U^
Yao: Eh?

>Isn't that agreeable?

Yao: W, wait Kiku…
*flower is cut from the stem*

>Yao lost something precious


Title: Konnichiwa to our baby!
Artist: Nori
Rating: G
Warning: Historical reference.
Summary: They made a kid? Reference to Journey to the West?

Yao: What's going on, Japan?
Kiku: Please give me one of your hairs.


Yao: That hurt!
Kiku: I'll blow on this and…

Kiku: His name is Manchu. He is our child.
Yao: No way!
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